About Us

Through our website, we aim to provide quality products, promising a balance between functional excellence while providing skating, sports and footwear goods.

We work with both leading brands and smaller ones across the globe to secure variety of products which are in trend and are demanded by our customers.

Leading with Savingsvillage Values

We motivated by seven core values that are part of our DNA and inherent in everything we do. They are the foundation of our culture, and our business strategies. Through our values, clients can expect a strong assortment of product, the best-in-class shopping experience.

  • Respect: We are fearless in fostering a sense of belonging for everyone
  • Passion: We are fearless about putting our client at the centre of everything we do
  • Innovation: We are fearless when we take risks to enhance the client experience
  • Initiative: We are fearless when it comes to taking action and designing solutions
  • Expertise: We are fearless when it comes to learning and growing
  • Balance: We are fearless in demonstrating care for ourselves and each other
  • Teamwork: We are fearless in how we work together and accomplish any task at hand